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Application For Exterior

Article source:Author:Popularity:Times:2017-07-10 13:42

With the exterior cladding lightweight stone honeycomb panels from Eightbond, you can create an incredible array of stylishly beautiful, authentic stone looks with ease. Choose from a diverse number of types of stone, each in a variety of colors and different finishes to design and create any stone look you can dream up. Don’t waste your time and money on using heavy solid stones, when you can instead achieve the same effect with much less effort.
Technical Information on Exterior Cladding Lightweight Stone Honeycomb Panels
At Eightbond, we only use the finest natural stone varieties to achieve the look you’re going for. However, by using a thin stone veneer, we are able to reduce the weight by as much as 80%, making our exterior cladding lightweight stone honeycomb panels much easier to handle and simpler to install. While real solid stone blocks can break, our panel system makes use of space age aluminum honeycomb foil technology to provide incredible strength and rigidity to our products.
While this honeycomb panel is one of the most durable types of metal structures around, it is also flexible, which in turn allows it to stand up even in the face of hurricane force winds or the shaking and rumbling of earthquakes. Not only that, but by applying special polymers and resins, we can also ensure that our exterior cladding lightweight stone honeycomb panels are also entirely waterproof and will never rust, corrode or have their beautiful, polished finishes fade or lose color.

Applications of Exterior Cladding Lightweight Stone Honeycomb Panels
Eightbond’s exterior cladding lightweight stone honeycomb panels can be used in any type of exterior cladding around. Due to their lightweight nature, it takes very little reinforcement to keep these panels attached, and they can even be put in right over the top of many types of existing stone and exterior paneling to make installation that much more simple. Columns, soffits, fascia, siding, and more—our exterior cladding lightweight stone honeycomb panels give you the freedom and ability to achieve a classic look that provides real value to not only the building owner but also the construction company.
Eightbond is known throughout the industry for designing and manufacturing some of the finest and lightest stone panel systems on the market and we would love to share our expertise and advice with you. So don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email so we can help add quality and beauty to your next stone project.
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