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Lightweight Sandstone Honeycomb Panels

Article source:Author:Popularity:Times:2017-07-10 13:53

Sandstone can be a notoriously tough stone to use as a building material due to its delicate, fragile nature. However, it can still provide an incredible, special look and feel when it’s done in the right way, which is why Eightbond’s lightweight sandstone honeycomb panels are so useful. By cutting a thin piece of sandstone veneer between 3-5mm thick and then attaching it to a unique honeycomb base constructed of high quality fiberglass or aluminum to create a panel that keeps that real stone look, but with added strength and a whole lot less weight.
By using space age glue and intense pressure and heat, we make sure the two parts are perfectly fused together to produce a product that far outperforms solid stone and other similar panels. Not only that, but we custom design and manufacture our panels to order, so we will work with you to meet your exact specifications and design whatever type of lightweight panels you could possible need.

Product Specifications:
Product Name     Stone honeycomb panel
Application  1). External wall cladding  2). Interior wall cladding
3). Furniture board top       4). Washroom cubicles
5). Bathroom, kitchen interior decoration
6). Marine vessels interior decoration
7).Ceiling, Partitions,
Certification  Lloyd's Register, ISO9001:2000, BV, SGS.
Regular Total Thickness   10mm,15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc.
Stone Series Marble、Granite、Sandstone、Travertine、Limestone、etc
Regular thickness of stone 3~10mm
Regular Top & Bottom sheet  Aluminum sheet or Fiber glass sheet
Regular Top & Bottom sheet 0.8mm~1.0mm
Loading volumes 520SQM/1*20'FCL, 1040SQM/1*40'FCL
Weight 15-21KG/m²
Standard Specification  Cell size: 8.47mm, aluminum foil thickness: 0.05mm.
Adhesive  Two-component Epoxy resin glue
Size 300x300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm and 600x1200mm, other sizes as per required
Regular Surface Treatment Brushed, Grooved,  Rough-rubbing, Polished, Pickling, Honed, Chiselled, etcgrooved, etc.
Shape Of Stone Sandwich Panel Flat,
Service Range - Either kind of stones, surface treatment, or the sizes, shape, deep-processing, Eightbond are able to meet your requirement.
- Provide professional design and suggestion.
- Manufacture products in accordance with customer drawings. 
-Arrange shipment.

Applications of Lightweight Sandstone Honeycomb Panels
Our stone panels can be used in almost any type of building need—whether it be new construction or remodels, interior or exterior, Egihtbond can create a beautiful sandstone panel to meet your requirements. Our lightweight sandstone panels are perfect for:
  • Exterior walls and cladding
  • Residential and commercial interior panels
  • Elevator walls and paneling
  • Marine and boat applications
  • Dividers, cubicle walls, toilet partitions and much more
Benefits of Stone Panels
When you purchase lightweight sandstone honeycomb panels from Eightbond, you know you’ll be getting quality, affordable natural stone. We select and use only the highest quality stones for our products and can offer you sandstone panels in a huge variety of colors, finishes, and sizes that allows you to get exactly the look and design you want with no hassle.
Our unique honeycomb design allows our panels to be incredibly lightweight, while still being able to withstand high winds, heat, corrosion and even earthquakes. Not only that, but our panels are fire resistant and offer superior insulation and sound proof qualities. They can be installed directly over existing panels and are easy to install no matter what the situation may be, as their light weight means you won’t need to reinforce any existing structures.
All in all, our lightweight sandstone honeycomb panels give you the ability to create a beautiful, natural stone finish that adds real value and quality to the finished project. To discuss your options and see how eightbond can help you find a customized stone paneling solution, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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