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Lightweight Granite Honeycomb Panels

Article source:Author:Popularity:Times:2017-07-10 13:56

Being synonymous with class since the days of Ancient Rome, marble provides a beautiful, elegant touch to any room and with lightweight marble honeycomb panels you can get that same look, but with increased tensile strength and durability and only a fraction of the weight of solid stone.
The honeycomb design on these panels makes installation much less complicated and the number of possible applications almost limitless. In addition to your standard tables and countertops, these lightweight marble honeycomb panels also make beautiful, long lasting interior and exterior cladding—even soffits. While the solid marble veneer may look just like solid stone on the outside, the aluminum honeycomb design underneath is unbelievably durable, both rust and fire resistant, and can stand up to the weather and elements; providing that million dollar look and feel, plus so much more.

Characteristics and Technical Information
Eightbond’s lightweight marble honeycomb panels use actual marble veneer (3-8mm), that we then attach to an ultra-strong, ultra lightweight aluminum base. In total, the finished product weighs about 80% less than solid stone. By gluing the veneer to the paneling, we eliminate most of the issues associated with using marble to make one of the longest lasting stone products you’ll find. Not only that, but Eightbond’s lightweight marble honeycomb panels are also:
  • Available in a number of various colors and different beautiful finishes
  • Look and feel like real marble, because that’s what they are
  • Much easier and safer to install, even overhead or high in the air
  • Resistant to shearing, making them perfect for earthquake zones
  • Customizable and built to order

Stone honeycomb panel
Stone Thickness /mm
Total Thickness /mm
Front Panel Thickness /mm
Bear Panel Thickness /mm
Length*Width              /mm
Standard Size
600*600,600*1200,     900*1200
Special Size
Customizable    Marble 1500*3000   Granite 1200*2400
Panel Shape
Flat or Circular arc
Flat or Circular arc
Flat or Circular arc
Flat or Circular arc

Advantages of Eightbond’s Lightweight Marble Honeycomb Panels
  • Reduced costs associated with procuring extraordinary stone materials for our clients
  • Detailed design concepts available upon request at no charge
  • We can handle all jobs from big to small, providing increased output and maximum value
  • Rebates and discounts available, especially on larger orders
  • Flexible design and production; marble panels customized to your needs
Data illustrations to related function
Specific weight:
Sound insulation quantity(weight)
(note:calculate on the basis of testing result of 12mm thickness plate
astrounautic series epoxy resin(used between -40°C to100°C for long term
Adhesive strength:
1.Shear Strength Room temperature≥25Mpa  100°C≥15Mpa   2.Sheet-core peeling strength 20°C≥20N/cm
Honeycomb core adhesive strength:
1.node Room Temperature>13N/cm 100°C>8N/cm   2.Shear strength room temperature ≥0.44Mpa
Wind pressure resistance strength:
The measurement of the tested composite panel is 100cm*150cm*2cm,and the tested wind pressure is 3000Pa, the result of the experiment: the wind pressure distortion performance can reach P3=3000Pa

How Eightbond Adds Value To Construction
At Eightbond, we understand the need for effective communication in business relations, and we will work hard to understand and address your needs and won’t stop until you’re satisfied. Our manufacturing facility is capable of working on many large products at once and offers great turnaround times without sacrificing on the quality of our finished lightweight marble honeycomb panels.
Our team of engineers and technicians with handle your order and construct your panels using the finest equipment available and we can always provide full conceptual and machining CAD drawings for all of our products.
With a variety of panels available in a number of stones and finishes,Eightbond can provide you with the building solutions you’re looking for. To learn more or place an order, give us a call at (+86) 18038617198
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