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Lightwight Marble Honeycomb Panels

Article source:Author:Popularity:Times:2017-07-10 13:57

Eightbond stone honeycomb panel consists of a natural and super-thin stone veneer (3mm-8mm) and a honeycomb panel(aluminum honeycomb panel or fiber glass honeycomb panel), tightly bonded together through aeronautic bonding technology.  The panel remains the beauty of natural stone material and overcomes disadvantages of brittleness, easy to break and heavy of weight, intensity, smoothness, sound and heat insulation and anti-fire. Eightbond first cuts the thickness of stone materials is only 3-8mm.

Eightbond stone honeycomb materials are customized to meet all the unique needs of projects, accommodating performance, as well as decorative adjustments to ensure all the needs are met. Choose the stone from any quarried Marble, Granite, Travertine, Sandstone, Quartzite, Onyx, or Limestone in the world, in any finish or texture the selected stone allows. Custom adjustments to the stone thickness or reinforced backing may be necessary to coordinate with the most complicated systems, or performance additions such as improved ballistic results, soundproofing , or other adjustments are available for a perfect component addition to any system.     

Products Specification:
Product Name    
Stone honeycomb panel
1). External wall cladding  2). Interior wall cladding
3). Furniture board top       4). Washroom cubicles
5). Bathroom, kitchen interior decoration
6). Marine vessels interior decoration
7).Ceiling, Partitions,
Lloyd's Register, ISO9001:2000, BV, SGS.
Regular Total Thickness  
10mm,15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc.
Stone Series
Regular thickness of stone
Regular Top & Bottom sheet
 Aluminum sheet or Fiber glass sheet
Regular Top & Bottom sheet thickness
Loading volumes
520SQM/1*20'FCL, 1040SQM/1*40'FCL
Standard Specification
 Cell size: 8.47mm, aluminum foil thickness: 0.05mm.
 Two-component Epoxy resin glue
300x300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm and 600x1200mm, other sizes as per required
Regular Surface Treatment
Brushed, Grooved,  Rough-rubbing, Polished, Pickling, Honed, Chiselled, etcgrooved, etc.
Shape Of Stone Sandwich Panel
Flat , curved shape, customized shape
Service Range
- Either kind of stones, surface treatment, or the sizes, shape, deep-processing, Eightbond are able to meet your requirement.
- Provide professional design and suggestion.
- Manufacture products in accordance with customer drawings. 
-Arrange shipment.

Comparison of Stone honeycomb panel and Traditional stone slab
Tranditional Slab With Juncion Piece
Stone Honeycomb Panels
Weight Comparision
30mm (Total thickness)                          73kg/m2 (Weight)
20mm (Total thickness)                   15kg/m2 (Weight)
Performance Comparison
Unable to bend
Bendable                                      (Pressing 30mm bent not crack)
Large expenditure
Small expenditure      <$16.00/m2
Safety Performance
Cracking in impact-resistant test
Only with punctuate cracking
Material Availability
Useful material output from one cubic     28-40m2
Maximum Size
Able to reach 1600*3200mm
Take the stone honeycomb panel with total thickenss of 20mm composied of 5mm marble surface plate, 13mm aluminum honeycomb plate, 0.04mm aluminum foil with the side length of the hexagon grid being 6mm.

Data illustrations to related function

Weight:  15.5kg/m2
Specific weight:  0.775(t/m3)
Sound insulation quantity(weight)  (note:calculate on the basis of testing result of 12mm thickness plate
Adhesive:  astrounautic series epoxy resin(used between -40°C to100°C for long term
Adhesive strength:  1.Shear Strength Room temperature≥25Mpa  100°C≥15Mpa    2.Sheet-core peeling strength 20°C≥20N/cm
Honeycomb core adhesive strength:  1.node Room Temperature>13N/cm  100°C>8N/cm   2.Shear strength room  temperature ≥0.44Mpa
Wind pressure resistance strength:  The measurement of the tested composite panel is 100cm*150cm*2cm,and the tested wind pressure is 3000Pa, the result of the experiment: the wind pressure distortion performance can reach P3=3000Pa

Products Advantags/ Feature
Characters of natural stone aluminium honeycomb panels
(1) Light weight, the standard marble honeycomb panel weights 14kg per square meter, which is 1/5 of that of the pure stone panel.
(2) High intensity and high capability of anti-strike; its intensity is 10 times of that of the 3cm-thick-granite.
(3) Good quality of sound insulation and heat insulation.
(4) Convenient to construction, easy to installation
(5) Low weight, lower burden to the building, increase building life span.
Packing: Nude package/ plywood case
Any size, any shape, any color, all can be customized and welcome to contact!
Get In Touch For Your Next Project:)

Add Value with Eightbond:
Eightbond is a trusted name in the stone industry with a reputation for providing high quality stone products, including our lightweight stone honeycomb panels. We work with architects, construction companies and homeowners to design and construct stone paneling that exactly matches our customers’ specific requirements. As we both procure the stone and then design and construct the finished products in our facility, we can offer great value and additional discounts on larger orders. If you’re looking for a natural looking and feeling stone product with huge benefits, contact Eightbond today to discuss your options and see how we can help you.

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